Thursday, March 29, 2012


We recently did a unit on dinosaurs. The kids love this theme. In our dramatic play center we made a wall where they could write hieroglyphics. They really enjoyed this. We also have "dinosaur bones" to inspect and lots of fun tools a paleontologist would need for their job.
At our art center we had the kids paint a picture with watercolors and then use sponge stamps with paint to add the dinosaurs.
At our block center we had lots of dinosaurs and dinosaur mats.
We recently wrote a grant for a program called Mr.Know It's. We love it! It comes with a lot of center activities. This is a great one that goes along with our dinosaur theme.
I got this great dinosaur addition game from scholastic. I also bought little dinosaurs for the kids to count, sort and add with. These little baskets with the numbers and dots in them came with my room but I bet you could find them around Easter. They are great to use with a variety of manipulatives at the math center.


  1. Emily loved the new centers after Spring Break. She had so much fun telling us all about them.

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